Google has allowed free calls on absolutely all Android smartphones

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Smartphones running on the Android operating system are very popular all over the world. The reason for its success is that this platform simply has no competitors. Of course, there are different generations of iPhones running on iOS, but all these mobile devices are incredibly expensive, so when the question arises of buying some new inexpensive smartphone with a price tag of up to 150 euros, there can only be one choice - Android.

Today Google has added a new feature to all Android smartphones that allows you to make free phone calls. She did this very simply by releasing a major update to the Google Play service, which should be downloaded and installed on the mobile device automatically when connected to a high-speed Wi-Fi network. We are talking about expanding the functionality of the Duo messenger, which can now be used even on smartphones on which it is not installed.


Previously, a user could make or receive voice calls via the Duo messenger only if the same application was installed on the interlocutor’s smartphone. Now there is no need for this, since you can receive incoming calls without it. The secret is that the American corporation added the functionality of its messenger to Google Play services, which became available to all users by default.

Moreover, you can receive incoming calls for free without Duo messenger even if the outgoing call is via video conference. In this case, the rear camera is automatically activated (after accepting a call), after which it can be switched to the front camera by pressing one button. The new functionality allows you to make free calls to any Android smartphone, including those models that have not received software updates for a very long time.

Duo messenger was launched by Google in August 2016, but its user base is still quite small. With its introduction into the Android operating system, which the American corporation decided to do, its popularity will increase many times over, since owners of all smartphones have the opportunity to make free calls to the phones of their acquaintances, relatives, friends and any other people. To make an outgoing call, you must download the Duo application from the Google Play store.


Published by: Raf Date: 15.01.2018 17:00:00